Homer Davis

JFSA volunteers and Truly Nolan packed and delivering winter break food to Homer Davis.

Homer Davis Project

Join the Jewish Community Relations Council in our adopt-a-school program, Making a Difference Every Day. The Homer Davis Project in our effort to reach out to underserved school children in our community at Homer Davis Elementary School, part of the Flowing Wells School District. 


Homer Davis Elementary has a high poverty population [in its enrollment]   that, at any given time, hovers around 87.7% at or below the United States poverty limits. The JCRC was looking for a school to work with that was in a socio-economic area that required a true partnership, one that was performing, and one that was dedicated to improving the lives its students and the community. 


The Homer Davis Project serves Homer Davis Elementary through homework help for students, an outdoor beautification project, snacks and meal packs for the neediest students, as well as providing backpacks and school supplies.  The school is K-6 with about 492 students. JCRC plans to attract community partners from the Jewish community, the business community, individual donors and, especially, in the school district’s zip code, 85705, in an effort to make this an ongoing sustainable community wide project. 


The Homer Davis Project needs your help. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer as a homework helper, donor, community partner, or sponsor, we would like to hear from you. For additional information, please call Project Coordinator Arielle Shemesh at 520-647-8448.




Homework Helpers

“Homework helpers” volunteer for the Skills for Success (S4S) program which is an after-school program held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 2:10 pm – 4:30 pm. Volunteers commit to a minimum of 1 day per week for 8 weeks. They assist with homework comprehension and completion, as well as reviewing spelling, math, etc. Volunteers work in a classroom with a teacher present.


Kindergarten teacher assistants

Kindergarten teacher assistants work directly with one teacher for an entire year. Volunteers help students with phonics, math, reading, and assessment tests as needed.


In-class assistants

Teacher assistants work directly with students per teacher direction. Teacher assistant volunteers may work with the same or different teachers during the year.


Prep-work assistants

Teachers would appreciate paper/prep-work assistants. These volunteer assistants do not work with children.



Weekly Nutritional Food Program Packers

Each week three to four volunteers build weekend food packs for 96 food insecure students. This standing activity takes 1.5 – 2.5 hours and typically occurs on Thursdays at Homer Davis Elementary School. No minimum regular commitment required.


School Breaks

Two-day food packs are provided to food insecure students for short-term school breaks. Organizations or individuals are needed for Fall Break and Rodeo Break annually. Food for these breaks will be packed and delivered by the organization or individuals to Homer Davis on the Wednesday morning before the break. The dates and times for delivery are:  Wednesday, October 17, 2018 and Wednesday, February 20 between 9:00 am – 10:00 am.





We provide daily snacks for 150 children in kindergarten and first grade classes, as well as for the snack closet in the school Social Worker’s office. Currently, the school Social Worker pays out-of-pocket to have snacks on hand for distressed students, many of whom have severe emotional disabilities and/or lack adequate food, clothing, or emotional resources at home.


Note that due to health regulations, the snacks must be prepackaged.


Requested snacks include:

Austin Zoo Animals (2 oz., 36 pks.) 

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Snack Packs (1.5oz, 30 pk)

Cheeze-It White Cheddar Crackers (1.5 oz pouches, 45 ct)

Nabisco Ritz Bits Cheese Cracker Sandwiches (1.5 oz packs, 30 count)

Nabisco Handi-Snacks Ritz Crackers’N Cheesy Dip (.95 oz, 30 pks)

Snyder’s Mini Pretzels (1.5 oz, 60 ct)



Requested food for school break food packs:

Oatmeal packets

Belvita Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits

Cheerios, double-pack Costco or Sam’s

Nature Valley Biscuit Sandwich Almond Butter & Peanut Butter Variety Pack

10 oz jars of peanut butter

Individual applesauce or fruit cups

Individual containers of milk (low fat chocolate is acceptable)

Chicken salad kits






School supplies are needed year round.  The following is a list of the most needed supplies for the classrooms:



  • laminating pouches
  • play doh
  • sheet protectors
  • possibly 55 plain white t-shirts (assortment of smalls and mediums and maybe 5 large). 

1st grade:

  • Water colors
  • tempera paint
  • water color paper

2nd grade:

  • Expo Markers
  • Laminating Sheets
  • Watercolors

3rd grade:

  • Expo Markers
  • Fat sharpies
  • Astro Bright Paper (bright colors!)
  • 1/2 inch clear view binders
  • White board erasers (magnetic)
  • Pre-sharpened pencils
  • Highlighters 

4th grade:

  • Tissues
  • Expo markers
  • book tape
  • dispenser tape
  • art supplies
  • sheet protectors
  • dry erase slates

5th grade:

  • Expo slate markers
  • white copy paper
  • slates


  • 1 inch-1.5 inch binders
  • Lamination sheets
  • Copy paper
  • Clear protective sleeves
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Expos
  • Sharpies
  • Post-it notes/flags


  • Computer lab volunteer on days 5 and 6 from 9:10-9:40
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • clorox wipes
  • Expo markers
  • colored pencils
  • markers
  • printer paper


Donate Toiletry Items



Families must prioritize which items they spend their money on and often hygiene items are of low priority. As a result, kids come to school with body odor for lack of soap or deodorant. Teachers share that these students sit in class and do not participate because they are embarrassed.


The Toiletry Closet is a brand new project to assist students at Homer Davis.  Shelving has been installed in the Nurse’s office, and here students will be able to access toothpaste, combs and brushes, deodorant, and other toiletries.


Contributions of the following items are helpful to the students:


Toiletry Items Needed for Students



Dental floss






Acne products

Feminine hygiene products

Equate Lice shampoo 

Our Sponsors

  • Truly Nolen




In 2010 a Nutritional Snack Program Tax Credit was established for the food program at Homer Davis Elementary School.  Donations to the Nutritional Snack Program Tax Credit are used to pay for food purchased from the Community Food Bank and put in the 96 weekly food packs.


Arizona Revised Statutes §43-1089.01 allows taxpayers a credit for contributions made to a public school for support of extracurricular activities. This is a dollar for dollar credit that is equal to the amount contributed. Rather than a deduction it is a TAX CREDIT. The tax credit is limited to $200 for single taxpayers or heads of household. For married taxpayers who file a joint return, the tax credited is limited to $400. You do not need to have a student enrolled in school to contribute! 


Click HERE and donate to the Nutritional Snack Program Tax Credit. https://az-flowingwells-taxcredits.intouchreceipting.com.

Remember to choose Homer Davis Elementary and the Nutritional Snack Program Tax Credit. If you prefer complete this form and mail it with your check to:  Stacy Trueblood, Flowing Wells School District 1556 W. Prince Road Tucson, AZ 85705


The Jewish Federation accepts donations of check, cash, stock, charge cards, etc. to support the Making A Difference Every Day: The Homer Davis Program.




Every year we provide school spirit t-shirts for all children, faculty, and volunteers at Homer Davis. Students wear these on field trips and other outings away from the school.  Many of our student are so impoverished that this t-shirt becomes a regular staple in their wardrobe.


The 600+ spirit shirts are printed with the sponsors’ logo on the back of the shirt and the school mascot logo on the front.


The total cost of t-shirt production is approximately $ 2,500. We invite organizations or individuals to donate to the cost of the spirit shirts. This year we are looking for a second sponsor to join an initial sponsor in the amount of $1,250.

Food Preparation at Homer Davis, watch the video




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