Agriculture - Managing Natural Resources

Biobee: A natural solution for agriculture by harvesting beneficial insects and mites as an all-natural pest control and bumblebees for natural pollination.

Green IQ: A water efficient irrigation system that can be manipulated from afar according to change in weather, lighting and more.

Medical & Health Management - Ensuring human welfare

OrCamFor the visually impaired, there is now a technology advanced devise to provide visual aid through a wearable platform that can read and recognize faces and places.

SoftWheelThis technology replaces the traditional spoke-and-rim wheelchair with innovative suspension centered around the wheel hub. This allows people to go longer distances with less impact on the body.

Science - Advancing Life Potential

WaterGenTechnology that works on the same principle as air-conditioning. It dries ambient humidity from the air to produce clean drinking water not only in battlefields but also in areas of humanitarian crisis, after earthquakes and floods have polluted water sources.

PixtierTransfer aerial photographs taken by drones into perfect 3D maps which can be used in urban planning, homeland security, virtual reality tours and autonomous vehicles.

Transportation  - Moving Forward

MobileyeSophisticated vision algorithms with technology to avoid collisions with other licensed vehicles, pedestrians, animals, debris and other obstacles.

ElectroadTechnology produces zero emissions and the use of gas is by making public transportation more efficient. Development of a sustainable energy source without raising the costs.

Safety & Security - Responding to Challenges and Threats

Iron DomeWeapon system that works to detect, assess and intercept incoming rockets, artillery and mortars.

CyberbitTechnology that provides one platform for detecting, managing and simulating security incidents in any environment.

Salient EyeTurn your smartphone or tablet into a portable burglar alarm system and motion detector for your home or office.

Elbit SystemsSecurity application for different security sensors and systems such as intrusion detection which dramatically decreases the response time in an emergency situation.

Space - The Sky is Only the Beginning

Skyfi: The world’s most advanced nanosatellite with larger cover area and super bandwidth, allowing everyone to be connected and to become part of the global village.