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Why Work with JPSA


Our Foundation team works with a diverse range of individuals and families holding their Donor Advised Funds and Endowment Funds. As philanthropic partners, we help support the organizations and causes our fund holders care about.  


We proudly partner with many nonprofit organizations by stewarding their endowment and custodial funds. We work together to elevate and expand their impact. 


At JPSA, we work with attorneys, financial planners, accountants, and other professional advisors to enhance their ability to bring their clients’ philanthropic visions to life. Our confidential, expert consultations lay out flexible ways to assist clients in making a meaningful impact in the community.


Whatever your philanthropic goals, we offer resources to help advance your charitable mission. In partnership with you, millions of dollars in charitable grants flow into the community to support hundreds of charitable organizations locally, nationally, in Israel, and around the world.   

Philanthropic Advising for the Community


Let us serve as your philanthropic guide and partner. Together we can elevate the conversation on philanthropy in our community and make an even bigger impact.


Our expert advisors are with you at every step of your charitable journey, helping to achieve your most meaningful objectives.


If you want to address the growing and changing needs of our community and beyond, we can share our experience and expertise about Southern Arizona’s most pressing issues and how you can be part of the solution.

In Grants and Distributions (2021)

More than $8.4 million in grants and distributions were made through donor advised funds, individual endowment funds, and organization funds

In Total Assets (June 2022)

Value of all assets held by JCF in funds

Nonprofits Helped (2021)

More than 500 nonprofits in our community and around the world received support from the generosity of our fund holders

In New Contributions (2021)

Donors and organizations entrusted the Foundation with more than $17.5 million in new contributions